You can do it!

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We are only days away from the start of the Drawing Class for the Artistically Insecure, so I thought I’d tell you more about it and about the instructor, Jerry Pope. We want to keep the class small, but there are still a few spaces available, so let me know if you can join us. I bought a beautiful farm table large enough for us to use to sit around and work, but there is still some room at the table.

Jerry says an alternate name for the class is “Learn to Draw Like You!”. I say another name for the class should be “So you think you can’t draw and you say ‘I can’t even draw a straight line,’ and I say ‘Lines don’t have to be straight,’ so join us and free up your inner artist.”

The main goal for the class is to have fun and to get together with a few other local neurotics who like you, have low self-esteem about your skills as an artist. There are no ringers in the class: real artists who will whip up a perfect drawing a la Bob Ross and say, “Oh this old thing? This is terrible. I can’t draw…” In other words, we will not make you feel even worse about your ability. The only one in the group with bona fide skills is Jerry, and he will not shame us.

Jerry could, if he wanted to, make us feel really bad about ourselves. He is multi-talented. Right now I have an exhibit of his original drawings from his book, Step Back in Time, a Walking Tour of Black Mountain, in the shop. They are beautiful. I also sell a few of his other books: The Elvis Tooth, Fetch (a story told entirely in images), two different coloring books, and I am eagerly awaiting his latest book, Owl Girl. You may have seen him at the Black Mountain Tailgate Market hawking his books and greeting cards. If you happen to be in Chifferobe when he is around, you might have wondered who that man was who announced loudly, “Hmmm, Elvis Tooth! I hear this is an amazing book. Maybe I should buy copies for all my friends.” That would be Jerry, shamelessly promoting his work.

Jerry is also an actor and with his fabulous wife, Rebecca Williams, has performed in theaters all over the world. Some of the work they have done has been created by them, and some written by others. At one time they travelled around the South getting citizens to tell their own stories about life in the town and problems they have encountered, and then perform these stories on stage.

He is also a chicken man, raising fowl and getting the hens to produce bounteous supplies of eggs. There is nothing this man can’t do!

As you know, we will be sipping wine and nibbling on snacks the whole time, so that will add to the fun. The class starts this coming Wednesday from 5-6:30 and will continue for the remaining Wednesdays in August. The cost is $100. Let me know right away if you want a spot.

Jerry promises, “If you have seen the work of Picasso, well…you won’t learn to draw like he does. But you will learn to draw like you, only better.”