Funny Red ceramic face. Good for a garden.

Ron has a new truck! He had a busy day on Monday because he both had cataracts removed at the VA and bought a truck all in the same morning. I mentioned earlier that Ron has his own procedure for buying trucks and it is a longterm process. Because he was still sort of out of it from the hospital procedure and the painkillers, etc., I converted him to my method.

Normally Ron starts looking for trucks by exploring every possible option. He drives around to all the mom and pop dealerships and wanders around the lots kicking tires. He calls all his buddies and asks if they know of any good used trucks, and he drives all over the area test driving any he finds. He found his last truck at a used car lot in Black Mountain that has since closed. (for good reason.) He went back and looked at that truck for weeks before he decided to buy it. He paid cash and drove it for a few days before it started acting up. He took it to Cove in Black Mountain, and they told him that sadly the truck he bought was a lemon and needed a complete overhaul. When he went back to the dealership, they told him that all sales were final and he was flat out of luck. He then had to invest thousands in the truck so it would run. He drove that truck for six years, but invested way too much money in it before it finally gave up the ghost last week.

Vintage kitchen cabinet with chart for keeping track of needed groceries!


Ron’s now defunct truck was one of a kind. It was easy to spot it in the Home Depot parking lot among all the many other red pick-up trucks parked there. It was always piled high with lumber, building supplies, and any furniture he was carrying for me, all balanced on top of the racks and held in place with countless bungee cords. The back window of the cab had been broken early on, and Ron repaired it with layers of duct tape covering the entire back window. There were many dents and bruises on the surface, which told many tales, but the distinguishing feature of the truck was the interior of the cab. There was a passenger seat, but there was never room for a passenger, so full it was of tools, tissue boxes, empty cups, notebooks, and old mail. He had built an elaborate cabinet system behind the seats so he could easily retrieve tools and supplies, but that soon deteriorated as he and his men scrambled around and moved objects out of place. Also, I’m sure there are animals living under all those layers. 

Beautiful cotton bed linens, queen and king size.

Ron had begun the process of searching for a new truck last week when the mechanics at Cove told him how many thousands of dollars he would need to put into the truck to get it to pass inspection. He found one truck he liked on-line and asked me to email the seller to see if it was still available. It was a decent enough looking Dodge truck with lots of miles for $5000.  The owner emailed me back that it was available. I asked if there was something wrong with the truck because the price seemed too low. He answered that there was nothing wrong, but that $5k was the deposit only!

Great black cotton jumpsuits.

I could see where this search was going, and I didn’t look forward to Ron using my car as his work truck, so I took over. When he was weakened by anesthesia, I took him to the Toyota dealership where I had bought two good cars in the past. We parked and walked out onto the used car lot where there were a small number of trucks available. We were looking through the windows of the first one we saw when we  were approached by a sweet young salesperson. It was her first week on the job, so she couldn’t answer any questions, but offered us a test drive. She assured us (based on her vast knowledge of trucks) that it was a great choice. Ron drove the truck around the lot once because his eyes were blurry, and I told her we’d take it. The process took under fifteen minutes. Done!

I’m happy to report that Ron is now the proud owner of a beautiful Toyota Tacoma truck which he is proudly driving. Any bets on how long it will take before it looks like the old truck?

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