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I can now relax, because the cataract surgery of the first eye has been completed. I was a nervous wreck beforehand but should not have burned up that much nervous energy. The hardest part of the day was removing all the jewelry I had on. I pulled and pulled at my rings and some of them wouldn’t come off. The nurse said that would PROBABLY be okay, so I asked why it had to come off in the first place, and was my wedding ring going to make me ineligible for the procedure. She had no good reason for the removal of all jewelry, but said it was The Policy. Ah! Reason enough. The nurse taped my head down to the gurney and the doctor told me just to hold my head still. It would have been hard to move it with the tape and all, but the drugs they gave me relaxed me and made the colors of the light I was staring at provide a trippy experience. In fewer than fifteen minutes it was over and I was sent home.

John Fleuvog shoes. Size 8 men’s, size 10 woman’s

Ron says that now he knows how to do the cataract removal so I can have the next one at home. He has a sharp knife and a vegetable peeler. I’m going back to the doctor’s office today for a look/see, and I’ll give him that good news.

My eyesight was astonishing by Wednesday. Even with the cloudy, drizzly conditions, everything looked so clear and bright. I can’t figure out, though, whether to leave my glasses on or remove them. Either way, one eye or the other is blurry.The nurse said that some people just pop out the lens of their glasses on the newly fixed eye, but that way I can’t read at all. Ah, first world problems…The doctor said that after the second eye is done, they will judge what my new eyeglass prescription should be so I can get new glasses.

Working antique clock. Has beautiful chimes

On another note, Monday was the solar eclipse. I looked up at the sun without protection because I was so delirious, but didn’t see anything but clouds. I didn’t go blind, but I looked down really fast. I did, however, really enjoy seeing the images on the news last night, posted from places where the eclipse was complete and cloud free. People were cheering and gazing skyward like aboriginals watching the spring come back up after a long winter. One newscaster was crying. His point was that all the people watching the eclipse were united for those few moments with equal awe at the miracle of nature. It was nice to be one human race for a few seconds without all the divisions among us.

Wonderful locally made origami

Sad news!! My Arizona children said good-bye to their sweet, sweet dog Chester this week. They had had that angel since the children were little and he was the model of good behavior and patience. He loved to hike and always came when he was called. We will all miss Chester, who left a huge hole in the family.

Always a good idea.