Funny Red ceramic face. Good for a garden.

Ron and I were in Indiana this past weekend and when we went to his 60th class reunion in rural Jimtown, I felt like an alien. The people were certainly friendly and cheerful, but I knew better than to object when we were regaled with tales of how they are supporting a candidate who is indicted in several states simply because they credit him with overturning Roe. They ignore his crimes and praise him for controlling women’s bodies.

Last night at Quaker Meeting I was thinking about the motley crew of Quakers sitting with me and why I love them so much. They do not look anything like me: mainly Quakers wear drab clothing, especially well-worn or second hand. They cut their own hair, or they appear as if they do, and they bring leftover lentils or packaged cookies to a potluck. But I love these people because we think the same way and we value the same things. So what are these things?

I adore these light comfortable pants with big pockets!

We believe all people contain the divine and have value. 

We value thinking for ourselves and not following trends.

We do not rate certain people as better than others. 

We allow individuals to make their own decisions about their bodies and the choice of whom they love. 

We love things that are made by hand and not mass-produced.

 We enjoy gardening and eating out of the garden

Talk about comfortable! These jumpsuits come in black and green.

We are brutally honest and do not associate with liars or cheats.

We speak truth to power.

We don’t waste things.

We don’t blend in.

We vote our beliefs.

We  don’t proselytize.

We are generous.

Short Kimono jacket made of bamboo.

We believe we are here to be of service.

We are terrified about global warming.

We love our country and are concerned about the direction it seems to be taking.

These are My People. Not all of my people are Quakers, though. In fact most are not. My people are both rich and poor, vegans and carnivores, but all of them are kind and enjoy diversity. If you are reading this newsletter and not screaming, you are one of my people!

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