Paper flower garland, 9 feet long and printed on both sides. $20

I love my customers, and had a great visit with a group that were visiting from Louisiana on their way to a ceramic show in Virginia. It was Brooke Bresnan’s first day on the job, and I was happy for her to meet them and get a preview of how much fun it can be to work at Chifferobe Some of the people who come into Chifferobe are not amused, and they sniff dismissively and leave quickly. but these people resonated with the quirky merchandise in the shop. They ended up staying for a nice long time, and we had fun talking with them. One of the women was knowledgeable about Astrology and floored me with her quick analysis of me based on my sun sign, Cancer.

Linen pants and shirts from France.

She told me that because of my sign, I am an easy mark. I want to believe all people are trustworthy and am vulnerable to being tricked. I want to believe that people are who they say they are, and I want to trust them, and so if they want to scam me, I am an easy target. I was recently scammed by someone alleging to represent the company who manages the resort we go to in Mexico. This woman knew my cell phone number and my email address. She also knew my history at the resort, and explained that the resort was offering members like me a very special deal. The email had the right font and information about the resort and showed photos of the place. More than that, I felt a bond with this woman who just seemed so kind and helpful. I overlooked the signs that the deal was not honest, such as that I couldn’t use my credit card but had to wire the money to Mexico. This process had to be done at the bank, and the banker at First Bank was skeptical, but I assured her the woman seemed so nice. Well, it was a scam, but thank goodness my banker was able to get the money back for me before it disappeared into the bank account of the sweet scammer.

Another garland from England.

My friend Julie is always telling me to pause before I make financial decisions, because I have a way of trusting people too quickly and jumping into problems.Trust your gut, she tells me. Unfortunately, I trust people who come to the shop with promises that their program will definitely bring increased sales. All I have to do is pay them (and I do.) They will make a video and people will flock to the shop. They will increase my SEO by showing me how to use key words in my newsletter. They will film me making videos. They will build me a better website. All these people seem so sincere, so I sign up, pay them, and very little changes. Julie, Abby (my daughter), and Deidre (my banker/daughter-in-law) all direct me to call them before I sign anything involving  money.

Colorful Mela lamps and shades

I must say, in my defense, that most of the time, people have proven themselves trustworthy. When Ron and I went to the dealership to trade in my car and buy another, I didn’t ask any questions and didn’t dicker. I accepted the offer (lowball) they offered for the Mercedes, and bought the first car they showed us. Happily, I love my new Toyota and am delighted at how much money I am saving on gas and insurance. Matt, our salesman, was sincere, and seemed like such a nice guy. I had a gut feeling he would do us right. 

Handwoven tote from Africa