Is it the quest for perfection that drives these Hollywood celbrities?

I’ve been spending too much time streaming television shows with a similar theme,“What’s wrong with people?” More specifically, “How can people stand to live in Los Angeles?” Two shows in particular based in LA are Botched and Hollywood Houselift, and both scream self-indulgence, excess, and having inordinate amounts of money with no good sense.

Little gems by Norma Kwestel

In Botched we meet two Hollywood plastic surgeons who strive to reverse the effects of too much plastic surgery and/or surgery that has gone wrong. It’s disgusting but about as addictive as squeezing blackheads in front of the mirror. You know it’s not good for you, but you can’t stop yourself from doing it. I have received an education on breast implants that helped me identify the woman I saw in Mexico with those huge, too-firm breasts. Even though big breasts make finding clothes that fit impossible, women on the show have had gigantic implants placed in their breasts and are having problems with them sagging or leaking. Our two heroes save the day with surgery to correct the problem and try to talk the patients into smaller implants. One young man calls them to implant biceps and other muscles, but the doctors refuse because this poor kid has obviously had too much plastic surgery already.

Antique milk jug with chippy paint

The freakiest problems they must address are gigantic lip fillers that make the person look like a blow-up doll. It seems that this surgery is often paired with cheek and chin work so the whole effect is an inhuman, alien appearance. Appropriately, Jeff Lewis has had his fair share of plastic surgery. His face is stretched tight and his lips are enormous. He is an interior designer who does massive projects for Hollywood celebrities. He did work for Reggie Bush and his family, and one of Bush’s little kids looks at Jeff and asks him, “What happened to your lips?” Lewis can laugh at himself, and does, to his credit. The emperor’s new clothes!

Lucky Cups and other fun ceramics

These celebrities make way too much money, apparently, and demand that Lewis redesign homes that already look amazing in order to“Take them to a new level.” Melissa Rivers has him tear out a marble bathroom in a new multi-million dollar mansion to reconfigure it for no good reason. She spends a fortune and it looks pretty similar when done. Lewis routinely directs his minions to remove ceilings, floors, walls, appliances that are almost new, marble and granite surfaces, and anything that the client has that make his or her home look the least bit personal. All art and objects are changed to reflect Lewis’s taste. 

We have a few dozen eggs from The Black Mt. Home for Children

They are like Ozymandias in Shelly’s poem who proudly creates material objects to leave his mark, but which crumble in the dust. One in particular is Anthony Anderson, a clever and funny man, who builds a massive mansion which he will live in alone until he meets and marries his next wife. Lewis designs the front and back yards of the place removing trees and charm to create a concrete terraced entrance way that makes the place look like a hotel. In the back he builds a giant pool, spa, putting green, pergola, and outdoor kitchen. Anderson jokes that the project is taking so long that he will still be on Season Six if they make it. He wears a tee shirt emblazoned with the word Fin-ish, reminiscent off his tv show Black-ish.

Ron and Max playing with a gift from Abby

The biggest mystery to me, though, is a twenty-two year old kid named Noah something who is a tic-toc celebrity. He doesn’t do anything special but he has a following in the millions. He has already bought himself a huge Hollywood mansion that Lewis rebuilds in his own style, as the kid is too young to even have a style. In the middle of the project Noah is called away to Tulum to do an appearance. All he is asked to do is take videos of himself in the resort and name it on tic toc.