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I have become a grudging but frequent exerciser. I attend Anita Kurt’s wonderful three morning a week class for seniors, Kathryn Winship’s famous Pilates class on Tuesdays, and sometimes the Zumba class at the Y. Another exercise faithful has been Connie Sawdi, but Connie has been absent from both Anita’s and Zumba classes for months. She and her husband love to travel and frequently go on Viking River Cruises, but she had been gone for too long for her absence to be explained by travel. I asked in Anita’s class if anyone knew where she was, and no one knew. Because of what’s going on lately with people my age, I immediately jumped to the conclusion that she had had Cancer and was now dead. It made me really sad. 

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Over coffee yesterday, I mentioned to Ron that Connie was AWOL from exercise and I was sure she was dead. He clucked like an old hen, and I left the house for CVS. My prescription wasn’t available, so I headed for the door and who should I bump into but Connie and her husband! Both were alive and well. Imagine my surprise! She has been under the weather, but is not dead and doesn’t have Cancer. I was relieved and delighted. Was this just a coincidence?

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One of those Guru type people back in the day explained that there is no such thing as coincidence, but that we can conjur people up and manipulate reality so people we want to see appear as if by magic. This is not the first time this conjuring has happened to me. Once when in Paris, I was telling a story about a friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen in years. My companion and I walked around a random corner and WHAM we bumped into this American friend I had just been talking about who happened to be in Paris at the same time. If she and I had made a plan to meet in Black Mountain, we might not have met so easily.

Deck the Trees theme: Rocking Around the Christmas Tree. My tree this year is simply wrapped in Rocks.

Another time when I was still teaching in Charlotte, I was at a boys’ soccer game one afternoon watching the team play. I told my companion about a former student who had been the most amazing high school soccer player I had ever watched. He moved like the wind and could steal the ball from any other player before they even knew what hit them. He juggled the ball like a magician and was a joy to watch. I told my friend that this kid had gone off to college in Colorado and had some kind of crisis and had become a recluse. Last I had heard was that he was living in the wilderness alone in a small cabin. 

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I went to the snack bar to get a coffee and who was standing there looking rugged but healthy and sane but Blake, the excellent soccer player from Colorado! I almost fell over. Had I conjured him up? Maybe.

If you read The Dancing Wu Li Masters, you start to get a grip on the nature of reality, which is slippery and not rock-solid as we believe it is. My mind was blown when. Reading this book I learned that subatomic particles which make up the world as we know it are mostly space. These particles move around and respond to a variety of stimuli. According to author Gary Zukov, matter is more of a hologram than a solid surface. Wanting badly to see someone might in fact make that person show up.

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