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News from Asheville Creative Arts:

Join us this Sunday May 19 for a Free Puppet Show, with Free Pizza, in the Peace Garden

Fund raiser at The Peace Garden, 147 Burton Street

This early evening event for all ages is free and open to the public. It will feature 2 performances of the 30-minute family friendly puppet show, SLUG AND SNAIL (4 p.m. and 5:30) performed by the brilliant Edwin Salas Acosta;

There will be FREE pizza from the outdoor pizza oven and a raffle!

Water, sparkling water, and beer will be provided for purchase (we’ll accept cash and card).

Rustic coffee table

People get the news differently these days. Recently Ron has opted out of watching the NBC nightly news, much to my great joy, as the national and international news are so upsetting that our evening is always ruined. “As we come on the air we have some breaking news.” It is either a school shooting, a bloody conflict between a cop and a kid, environmental armageddon, or another shock from the White House. No thank you. How does it help me to have all this rattling around in my head as I eat my dinner?  I’d rather drink a glass of Sauvignon Blanc in silence. He also stopped buying the Citizen-Times every day, because it contains hardly anything at all. He still watches the local news on tv, though, and learns about weather, traffic, and local scandals. 

New Lucky Cups

The way many people keep up with Black Mt. news is through both the Facebook groups, Black Mountain Exchange and The Original Black Mountain Exchange. I really don’t know why there are two different groups, but I have been told that one of the groups was formed by people who didn’t approve of the other. I don’t know why they didn’t approve, and it confuses me. So be it.

My time to get on Facebook is quite limited and I’ll admit that I hardly ever check the Black Mountain Exchanges. I’m sure I miss a lot. People use this forum to notify neighbors of bears walking down their streets, lost dogs, and feral chickens. It’s a good place to ask for suggestions about where to get to get something reupholstered or find someone to do window washing or gardening. I almost missed the opening day of the new Black Mountain Donut Factory, which was announced on the exchange and no where else. Luckily, Connie from my exercise class mentioned it in class. I raced down there Monday after class and bought the last dozen donuts. Connie was there right ahead of me. The owner told me that he had already sold sixty dozen that morning, and it was only ten o’clock. BTW they were delicious. Connie told me also  that folks on the exchange are burning up the internet about the proposed change of location of the summer concert series, Park Rhythms.

Randy from BAD Crafts on Cherry St. came in this week and gave me the news that Park Rhythms is moving from Lake Tomahawk to the bottom of Cherry St., right across from Chifferobe, and I am thrilled. Our downtown is underutilized and it will be a great boost to have the summer concerts here. Previously, the closing of the street has been limited to a few craft shows, July 4th, and Holly Jolly. Those events are wonderful and very popular, and having the concerts here will bring people downtown and boost the local economy. 

Before I opened Chifferobe I didn’t get to stroll downtown very much. I was very busy and also thought that downtown was really just for tourists. That might have been true in the past, but it certainly isn’t true today. In addition to FABULOUS, interesting shops, there are wonderful restaurants and places to get a beer or a cup of coffee. When people here ask what I do and I mention Chifferobe, many will express confusion. “What’s Chifferobe? Where is it? What do you sell???” 

New shipment of Kanthas

What that tells me is that for many local people, downtown Black Mt. isn’t on their radar. It’s a place to pass through on their way to Asheville or further on, and that disappoints me as a local business owner. My hope is that the downtown concerts will help reintroduce local people to our eclectic town and make them aware of what we have to offer. One complaint I hear from other business owners is that they feel sometimes as if their shops are seen as a place for passive recreation, a place to go sight seeing, and not a business they run to earn a living. We need customers as well as browsers. I understand why Lake Tomahawk was a desirable location for the shows: lawns, playground, and views of the lake. But this change will make parking easier, will be good for business, and will make the shows an entirely new experience. Let’s get behind this change!

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