Welcome to my (dream) world!

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This week in Black Mt, Land of Dreams


So I have this weird recurring dream. It takes a variety of forms, but essentially they make the same point. Maybe you dream interpreters out there can help me decode the dream.

No matter how the dream starts out, I find myself walking down a seedy urban street on my way somewhere. I am nervous and lost and not sure what I am looking for. It is Christmas time and the shops are all open and full of customers. Even though the street is full of blowing trash, the stores are brightly lit and cheerful. 

Then I am in front of my store, Chifferobe. The shop is closed. As I look through the window, I see that it is a mess. Everything is out of place, the shop looks dusty and abandoned, and the stock is depleted. Clearly, no one has been inside for quite a while. I am the person who was supposed to mind the store, keep it neat and attractive, and above all, make sure the shop is open! And yet, I have forgotten all about it. 

I am overcome with a wave of guilt and sadness. I beat myself up over it. How could I forget I have a business? It’s Christmas and I have a piddling amount of stuff for shoppers to buy. How am I going to get the store open and back on its feet???

Last night I had another back-to-school nightmare, but with a happy ending. After the usual stress of finding the right classroom and then having to wrestle an unruly student out of the room and down the stairs using the handy “Bent Wrist Hold” I learned (and never used) in juvie, there was a school-wide assembly. Barack Obama was there giving a grant to the school and singling me out for my help in writing the grant!! I even got a chance to shake his hand. 

Things are looking up in my dream life.

When I am not moaning myself awake from bad dreams, I am thinking about ways to find customers for the super-cool furniture I love to carry. Most tourists are looking for something small and portable to take home, and so many of my local customers are down-sizing and trying not to add more stuff, no matter how cool, to their homes.

Today I met with my wonderful Mastermind group, who helped with some great ideas. I am going to have a cocktail party here for interior decorators!  They would probably be very happy to know about Chifferobe for accent pieces for the homes they are decorating. If you know any decorators, please pass along their contact info so I can invite them to the event.

My friend Christine suggested I contact film companies making movies in this area. I have great items to use for props and sets. Now I have to figure out how to reach film companies.