Some of the handmade ornaments at Chifferobe

On Monday, my day off, I drove over to Sloane Simmons’s pottery studio to pick up more of her fabulous cuss-word pieces. It was a gorgeous sunny, warmish day which felt like late summer, but it was also the day after Halloween, so we were entering the holiday season. I was torn about when to put out Christmas stuff, so I asked Sloane and the other women who share the studio, “When should I start putting out Christmas stuff?”

Sloane answered, “You mean it isn’t already out?”

Another potter looked up from her work and said, “They are already playing Christmas music at Target. Right now seems like a good time.”

Gorgeous handwoven Yak Wool Shawls

So Tuesday I began dragging all those boxes I have been stock-piling out of the storage closet, and it was so much fun! It has been so long since I placed those orders that I had completely forgotten what I ordered, so opening the boxes felt like Christmas morning. I love everything I ordered back in the summer!

And starting Wednesday, the weather turned ugly. It has been rainy and cold. I felt better about possibly rushing the season.

Handmade pottery from Sweden

When I ordered, I was determined not to order anything mass-produced, so I went all out ordering handmade felt ornaments, and I love every one of them. They are all handmade in Nepal by women, and the companies are non-profits. They are all so adorable that I am tempted to carry them all year round! 

Fleece-lined hand-knit wool gloves

As I am always cold, I predictably ordered many items to keep a person warm. I have gorgeous scarves for men and women. Some are very fine merino wool in bright colors from France. Some are cloud-soft cashmere. Some are cotton or silk Kantha from India. Some are Yak wool from Nepal. All are glorious! I have handmade wool hats and gloves lined in fleece.

Soft wool scarves from France

I have throw blankets in every texture: cotton knit, Kantha, and Yak wool. I also have two antique French quilts filled with wool in soft floral cotton. 

I have refreshed my assortment of unique handmade pottery pieces from all over, but especially local work, and I am eagerly waiting for more work from Andrea Freeman. And every day the UPS man brings me more boxes of things I ordered way back when, and I wonder where in the world I will put them. At least now I have stopped having this recurring dream where I show up at the shop on a Saturday at this time of year and discover that I have no inventory!