The Best Night Ever!

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Except for a few minutes every night at about 9:00 when I am jonesing for a small scoop of chocolate ice cream, I really don’t like sweet things. My junk food of choice is of the salty/greasy variety. Comfort me with potato chips, not apples. And to get me to do anything, bribe me with fried chicken. (When the family was vegetarian, I could be bribed with fried tofu! But fried chicken is my crack.)

Michelle Hamilton and I went to Charlotte for the day on Monday. It was a whirlwind trip including lunch at Rooster’s (not nearly as good as it was when my son Natty was a chef there…REALLY.) A very brief visit to Anthropologie, where we bought nothing! A visit to Sleepy Poet where we added a few adorable things to my booth there on aisle 15. A stop at Crap-tawba River Antique Mall. And then a long ride home.

On the way back I had a hankering for something salty and greasy, and I talked Michelle into stopping at my favorite roadside restaurant, Bojangles in Lincolnton. If you haven’t been there, and if you, like me, love Bojangles, you owe it to yourself to drive to Lincolnton on I-321 and stop at this Granddaddy of all Bojangles. It doesn’t matter the time or day of the week, this Bo’s is always crowded, and the line of cars for the drive-through goes around the building. The food is always hot and fresh, because it doesn’t have time to sit under the warm-up lights in the case. They sell the food as quickly as they can make it. Once Ron asked the manager how many biscuits they sell each day, and the number was in the thousands.

We pulled into the parking lot at about six, and even I was surprised at the number of cars there. As we opened the door, though, we learned why the normally popular restaurant was filled to capacity. We were greeted to the sounds of a gospel group playing and singing. The tables were filled with older patrons clapping along with the band. I asked the man in front of me in line whether live music was a regular thing at this place, and he told me that this group were from a local Baptist church, and they perform at Bo’s every now and then.

Michelle and I got our food and settled into a booth to eat and enjoy the entertainment. These guys were really great!  They called a young woman up to sing a solo, and we were blown away. She was fabulous! She sang “May the Circle Be Unbroken” and the band jumped in with her on the choruses. It was so wonderful! As we were finishing our meal, Michelle dragged me out during a beautiful rendition of “How Great Thou Art,” and I stopped to speak to the female singer. Up close she looked younger than she had from up front. I congratulated her and asked her age. She was eleven!!! Eleven! And she could sing like June Cash!