Take it Slow!

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In an effort towards self-improvement, I have started taking more classes in exercise. Classes are essential in this regard, because left to my own devices I barely move. What do I do in my free time? I sit and read. What do I do on vacation? I sit and read, although in a different location. Sometimes I place my feet into the ocean, lifting my arms, at least, so the water doesn’t ruin my book. Any other time I am lost in the recesses of my mind as I stumble around and occasionally trip over my own feet and tumble down. There is very little connection between my mind and my feet.

Friends told me about a free exercise class offered three times a week for Seniors at the Senior Center. There are actually two classes each session. The early class is for the more fit, but I find myself comfortably challenged in the later class. I told my friend Kathryn that I am at least ten years younger than anyone else in that class, but her response was, “How nice that you believe that.”

The class is rather large, maybe about twenty women, and all except me have blue/grey hair. My hair is stunning red, but actually I don’t know what my natural color is. Last time I saw my uncolored hair, it was a dull, dead mouse brown. Truly, it’s only my hair color that distinguishes me from others in the class. If anything, I am more clumsy than anyone else. I know I won’t be graduating to the advanced class any time soon. First I have to master that elusive grapevine.

After today’s mat class I broke my personal record and took another class. This was a two-hour session with Cliff Shulman, an amazing physical therapist. In tis class Cliff used Feldenkreis methods to train us to walk more effortlessly. Since walking without stumbling is a challenge for me, I though it would be a good idea. And it was. At the end of the class I felt the connection of my feet to the floor and practiced the slow roll of my feet Shulman taught us.

After class I thanked Shulman and he gave me some advice. “Slow down! You move too quickly. You need to pay attention to what you are doing.”

So true.

This weekend is the Sourwood Festival in Black Mountain, and I hope to slow myself down enough so I can enjoy it. The booths will be right here on Sutton Street in front of the shop. I expect to see lots of folks walking around and hope they stop by the shop and perchance, make a purchase! My wish for the future, though, is that the organizers attract more craftspeople from this region and fewer people who come from far away and sell stuff I am not interested in, such as pan pipes from Peru and tourist stuff from Africa.

If you come to town for the festival, be sure to stop by and say hello!