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Lorraine hadn’t visited her sister Bulimia in years and consequently had trouble finding her house. Her sister’s neighborhood was a Monopoly board of mini-mansions that spiraled around each other on short streets that terminated in dead ends. Not only did all of the houses look alike in all their pretentious splendor, but each was festooned with campaign signs urging those who drove by to vote Republican. This is what is known as “preaching to the choir”, as it was unlikely that anyone driving in this neighborhood would consider voting any other way. Diversity in any form was discouraged. During a recent peaceful rally for BLM, some of the residents stood in their front yards pointing guns at marchers. One resident was quoted as saying, “It was like the storming of the Bastille. I was terrified that I was going to be killed at any moment.”

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After she drove around and around for what felt like hours, Lorraine finally spotted a house she was pretty sure belonged to Bulimia. In addition to the big banner endorsing Trump, there was a large Q on a plaque with spotlights aimed directly at it. 

This Q puzzled Lorraine. What could that stand for? She knew it did not relate to her sister’s name. The only Q she was aware of was the Q in LGBTQ. Hmmmm. Could it be? When they were kids, Bulimia was a tomboy. She loved sports and was good at them, and she took pleasure in beating the crap  out of Lorraine. Wow! This was amazing! Bulimia had come out of the closet. 

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Lorraine knocked at the front door, but couldn’t wait to be admitted. She threw open the door and almost knocked her sister over in her exuberance. “Oh Mia, I am so proud of you!”

Mia was surprised that Lorraine was reacting this way. She would not have expected that Lorraine would also endorse QAnon, the right-wing conspiracy theory. Mia, like other followers of Qanon firmly believed in the idea of a deep state conspiracy of Democrats ( trafficking in child sex and Hillary Clinton’s emails) for the purpose of attacking Trump.

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“I’m confused,” said Mia,” are you also a Q?”

“No, no,” Lorraine protested. “I’m not a Q. In fact I just had a torrid affair with El Chapo.”

This statement further confused and shocked Mia. “El Chapo, the drug Czar?” Mia asked incredulously.

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“No, my Chappie is not a czar. He’s an honest businessman and a complete sweetheart. Why do you accuse him of dishonesty?”

“No, not dishonesty!” insisted Mia. “El Chapo is a great supporter of the President. 

Lorraine was surprised to hear that Chappie supported Trump. She knew, though, that Chappie loved the idea of Trump’s wall at the border to protect his people from mean people in Texas. He had contributed money to help build the wall, but he (of course) had freedom to pass back and forth at will. He told her that there would be a tariff paid by those crossing the border and he would get a percentage of that. 

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“I’m delighted that you are a Q!” Lorraine gushed. “What does your husband think about that, though? I should think he’d be upset.”

Mia wondered what in the world Lorraine was talking about. “He’s happy about it. He’s also a Q.”

Lorraine was stunned. She had never liked her sister or her sister’s husband. Now, however, she saw them differently. How open-minded they were! Both of them Q and yet they stayed together. 

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