This gigantic bag will carry everything you need!

Back in the seventies we were all entering the Age of Aquarius. For me that meant changing from a pleated skirt and loafers to Birkenstocks and no bra. I embraced radical politics and women’s lib. I also loved a motivational speaker whose name I cannot remember. His big message was, “Be yourself.” He stated and restated it in a variety ways, but my favorite was, “If you are a peach, be the best peach you can be. Don’t try to be a plum. The plums are all taken.”

A slightly smaller tote also from Sweden

While this seems to me to be obvious, I guess the message hasn’t hit home yet for many people. I still see too many people trying to look like everyone else, and the HGTV shows are all promoting the beige cookie-cutter interiors that bore me to tears. Recently I watched a show where a designer transformed a beautiful, cozy, quaint lake cottage into a cold, beige modern city house. It was so sad! All the charm was erased.

Roomy yellow tote, perfect for the Tailgate Market

This morning I was forwarded a message from an old friend. Molly Wilmer-Barker, one of the most amazing people I know. Molly taught with me at Country Day for a while and was a Marathon runner. She also did those super-marathons in Hawaii where they swim, bike and run. I, on the other hand, got exhausted just writing these words. Some time later she started Girls on the Run, a national (international??) organization to promote running and self-confidence among girls. I really admire her! This morning she was promoting a video made by a woman who is a professor in the Harvard Business School. Her message was the same! She explained that if you are not being yourself and not speaking your truth, people will not listen to or trust you. 

Beautiful green antique cupboard

I completely agree with her, but sometimes my “truth” is a bit hard to take! A caring customer recently wrote me that she was concerned about me. She felt that my newsletters showed I was being negative, and she wondered if I was doing all right. I gave her comments a lot of consideration. I didn’t think I was being negative. I thought, as I usually do, that everyone would agree with me! Didn’t everyone think fashion is a joke, that the environment is in shambles, and that politicians are unreliable?

Emerson said, To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men – that is genius. I’m really not sure what he meant by this even though I have thought about it for a long time, but it seems to me he is saying that genius isn’t high IQ. It is discovering the Real Truth in your heart (not an easy task!) and believing it is universally true. But I certainly think, as most people do, that my thoughts and opinions are right on!

Another painted table from Charlotte. Super affordable

That doesn’t mean that people actually agree with me. In fact yesterday in the store I had a difference of opinion with a vendor about who was the worst politician today. He and I were on opposite sides of that discussion but agreed to disagree. As he left, though, I thought that he was an idiot. Just because you disagree, doesn’t mean you have to like or respect the other person! As another writer, Dita Von Teese wrote, “You can be the juiciest, most delicious peach in the world, but there will always be someone who hates peaches.”

Old poster from Japanese exhibit