I am interested in Ayruvedic Medicine and study it as a way to be my best. Ayrurveda is a 5000 year old science that divides our body types into three major categories: Vata, Pitta, and Kaffa, although there are many combinations possible.  The science makes recommendations about how to keep your dosha, or type, in balance, which is the path to excellent mental and physical heath and maximum productivity and happiness. Vata is the air dosha, pitta is fire, and kaffa is earth.

I am a Vata and fail in a major way to keep my body in balance.  When I read the list of symptoms that indicate I am out of balance, I check off each one. Being an out of balance Vata I experience a list of problems. When in balance Vatas are light as air, active, creative, and cheerful. Vatas enjoy movement and are never still. They enjoy people and being around others.

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These are the problems an out of balance Vata experiences: I am light and active but drive myself until I collapse. Because I am skinny, I am always cold and wear sweaters all year round. My son Natty points out in August that I am wearing my summer sweaters while others are in tank tops and shorts. I splurged on a beautiful long-sleeved  cotton shirt at my favorite shop in Charleston, Worthwhile, but have not worn it because I am usually too cold to wear an oversized shirt because I can’t wear a sweater over it. 

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My skin is dry, my hair is dry, my scalp is dry, and the rest of me is also dry. as if the air has been blowing over it all, evaporating all moisture. And my favorite snacks are dry and plain. I can eat a whole package of dry crackers or dry toast. I don’t like wet foods and aside from ripe peaches cut into pieces, I avoid fruit, and I eat salad without dressing. Also, I prefer hot foods to cold and feel as if I haven’t eaten anything if I am served a cold supper. I run on black coffee.

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I find it interesting to study what foods I should be eating and what activities I should engage in to balance my dosha. Harnessing my energy is key. And I function best if I eat warm, moist, sweet, mild foods. I should get plenty of rest and meditate, and most of all, avoid coffee and tea. Check, check, check. Nope!

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I am used to being out of wack and can’t imagine life without coffee or with harnessed energy, It is interesting, though, to understand that if I were serious about it, I could be doing so much better. Take an on-line test yourself to determine your dosa and you can at least identify why you have the problems you do.