So What’s the Deal with Crazy Costumes?

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The crazier and more off-kilter the world gets, the more people dress up for Halloween. Chelsea (my next-door neighbor at the new-and-better Curiosity Shoppe) tells me that this morning on tv, the hosts of Good Morning America frolicked around in silly costumes for an hour. People in CVS and other stores are already outfitted, and there are like three major events planned for tomorrow. Those include the pet parade on Cherry Street, a Harvest Event at Lake Tomahawk, and open trick-or-treating around downtown Black Mountain from 3-6.

When my children were little, I would usually buy their costumes at the drug store. They were cheap plastic outfits with ugly masks, but the kids liked them. It was a little embarrassing, though, at the Country Days School Halloween parade, where other children wore ornate, handmade costumes that showed incredible creativity and effort by mothers who did not have such time-consuming jobs. The one year my child stood out, though, was when Seth was in third grade and wanted to be dressed as a tick. We had great fun putting together a costume with many legs sticking out of a flattish body and a long proboscis for a nose. I was so proud!

I have never been much of a Halloween Costume person myself, maybe because I dress in an offbeat way everyday. I already look goofy enough without a wig and a mask. Last year my friend Christine invited us to a Halloween party and insisted we wear costumes. Since she and I are about the same towering height, I dressed up as her. She is easy, with her nest of black hair, her pearls, and her uniform of white silk blouse, black pants, and roomy cashmere sweater. (I don’t mean she is Easy. She is easy to imitate.)

Yesterday I was at Michelle’s Salon getting my hair done, and the subject of Halloween Costumes came up. If you know Michelle Hamilton, you know that she is a very quirky dresser. Usually she wears many frilly layers over ruffled pantaloons in a style called Lagenlook. She had such an outfit on yesterday, of course. Emma. one of her assistants, asked sarcastically if she was going to dress as Little Bo Peep for Halloween. I said that she already dresses as Little Bo Peep every day, so a costume for her would be a buttoned-down lawyer look. You wouldn’t recognize her in a tailored black suit and pumps. Michelle said she wasn’t dressing up in any case, but she did have a cute chicken costume for her tiny dog.

I have a long 1800’s dress in the store that came from an estate sale. I’ll probably wear it tomorrow just because I like it, but if I could find a wig with a long blonde braid and a poof in the front, I could pass for a cult member. I wonder if people will notice that I am in costume.IMG_1223