Antique doll head

Adorable antique doll head with old ruffled bonnet

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Spa Soaps, by Greenwich Bay
Charming, beautifully wrapped soaps make great gifts at a small cost.
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Bark Baskets
Use these locally made bark baskets to hold small treasures, dried flowers, kitchen matches, or nothing at all!
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Garden Mugs

Adorable garden mugs encourage the coffee or tea drinker to "Grow Wild!"

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Pottery Espresso Cups

andrea 1Adorable, primitive yet also modern look! These espresso cups are full of character. Made in Asheville by Andrea Freeman. Each is different and unique.

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Shea Butter Soaps, Lotions

soapsWE LOVE THESE SCENTED SHEA BUTTER BATH AND BEAUTY PRODUCTS BY GREENWICH BAY!!! They are beautifully wrapped and make fabulous gifts, as well as frugal indulgences for yourself. Call us with your order and we will put them in the mail to you.

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Handle-less tea mugs
Handle-less Tea Mug
Made by Jim McDowell, these ceramic handle-less mugs warm your hands and your insides.
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Bee Mugs
Great mug with sunflower, watering can, and big honey bee for the gardener.
booth 9
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