See ya’ Summer

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auto1Summer feels like it is just getting started. The weather has become hot and steamy for just about the first time. It has been deliciously cool until just a few days ago. As we sit in our house at night, we are serenaded by crickets, tree frogs, and the occasional coyote. And we are inside the house because just recently the mosquitoes have camped out around the porch, and even with a citronella candle and spray-on bug repellent, they eat us up. 

Sadly, though, summer is ending, not beginning. School has started back in session and Labor Day weekend is upon us. Ron and I are flying to NYC to visit my children, eat in Natty’s new restaurant, and have a family reunion with my sister’s big, wonderful family. We are looking forward to this trip!

When I was growing up, Labor Day was the saddest day of the year. School didn’t start until the Tuesday after Labor Day. Consequently, people’s summer vacations lasted until the final hours of Labor Day. At that time, summer cottages were closed up, the cars were packed, and friends said a tearful good-bye “until next year!”

We had lots of rules then about what you could and could not wear after Labor Day. White skirts, pants, and shoes had to be put away, or you would be committing a big fashion faux pas. Nowadays, those rules have been relaxed, and it’s even permissible for guests to wear black or white to a wedding.

Chifferobe is planning the first artist’s reception of the new school year. One of my fabulous former students from Charlotte, Kathleen Kelley, has completed a Fine Arts degree at UNCA. She is a wild one, who has always been fun to be around, and she has  an active imagination. Kathleen is an animal lover and is usually surrounded by dogs and horses. It comes as no surprise that her artistic specialty is paintings of animals. Her graduation show at UNCA featured unusual, colorful images of horses. It was amazing! The show will be in mid-September, but the exact date has not been set. She can paint portraits of your pets, but if you want it for Christmas giving, you will have to order in September. I’ll get back with you on the date for the show. 

Kelley_KathleenThe funniest video EVER!!Watch this!!Click here and be prepared  to laugh.

Have a great weekend, and picture me eating…a lot!