Here are my wonderful flamingoes!

I showed up for work Monday morning and was surprised to find. a pair of six-foot tall flamingoes standing outside Chifferobe. I had worked Sunday because Jesse had a cold and couldn’t come in, but the flamingoes weren’t there when I closed. They are made of metal, so they didn’t fly there, so where did they come from?

I called Ron to see if he had surprised me with them, but he was as mystified as I was. I took some recycling out back and saw a collection of things sitting beside the trash. There was a decent-looking bicycle, a metal chair, a few planters, a bag of clothes, and some other things pushed between the trash cans. 

Here is the pile of stuff I found in the alley

Later that morning a talkative man stopped by to ask me how I liked my flamingoes and to complain that people had been looking through his bags and had stolen some of his stuff from the recycling area beside Chifferobe. This guy had appeared for the first time on Saturday when he came into the shop and handed Ron a tee shirt wrapped around a collection of hand tools: screw drivers and wrenches. “This is a gift for you,” he explained. “I don’t want any money for these!”

Naturally, Ron handed him some bills and he left, leaving us wondering what was happening. people don’t normally come into the store to give things away. “Nice guy!” i thought. 

Since then things have been magically appearing in front of Chifferobe and other places including Henson’s. Occasionally this man, whose name I have since learned is Tony Hicks,, stops by. He repeats again and again that he finds all this stuff at the curb as he rides the bike I saw in the alley around town, and that he is definitely not stealing it. Meanwhile, Rick from next door was convinced that the man is a thief and that he pushed over some planters Rick had in the parking area between our shops. He called the police, but they said that no one has reported anything stolen, so there is nothing they can do.

Jumbo Air Plants


I am left wondering where this man has come from, where he finds all this stuff, and how he transports it around town. He couldn’t have moved those huge flamingoes on the handlebars of his bike! If you are missing two flamingoes or anything else out of your yard, please let me know.

He has since told me that he is a billionaire, a recovered heroin addict, a recovered alcoholic (even though his smell belies that story,) and a retired executive from the Eastern part of the state. He claims that if you look him up on the internet, all his stories will be confirmed. I haven’t done so.  

I naively always think the best of people and love the idea of gifts appearing by magic, so I am inclined to believe the man. I clearly don’t believe he is no longer drinking, but I do believe he is a kind person and am grateful for the flamingoes that I will not sell, even though people are calling to beg me to sell them. 

A fiend brought in this magical Noah’s Ark complete with hand-carved animals!