Shea Butter Soaps, Lotions


soapsWE LOVE THESE SCENTED SHEA BUTTER BATH AND BEAUTY PRODUCTS BY GREENWICH BAY!!! They are beautifully wrapped and make fabulous gifts, as well as frugal indulgences for yourself. Call us with your order and we will put them in the mail to you.


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We love these products!! They are made in Raleigh by Greenwich Bay.

Just call or email and we will ship them right out to you. They are very high quality, loaded with scented shea butter, and make your skin soft without being sticky. The soaps smell great and last a long time without getting gooey.

The bath soaps are $5, 16 oz. lotions are $9, 2 oz. soaps are $1.50, and 2 oz. lotions are $2.50.

The scents we carry are:

African Violet
Black Currant
Fresh Milk
Lavender Chamomile
Lemon Verbena
Ocean Riche
Organic Oatmeal
Passion Flower
Seafresh Mineral

Men’s Soap