Outsider Art by Sarah Britt


This original drawing by Sarah Britt of Morganton is titled Winning at the Carnival. It is one of several unique, colorful works by Sarah that I bought in Morganton at the art center where she works. This one is framed and 9X12.



My friend Elizabeth Jones took me to Morganton and introduced me to Sarah Britt, a young artist with Autism. We  both fell in love with Sarah and her work. Sarah works in prismacolor and produces her work prolifically. I told her that I really loved the colors she uses, and she replied,”I’m good at that.” Then I complimented her on the way she captures facial expressions. “Yes,” she said. “I’m good at that.” Elizabeth asked her where she gets her ideas, and she answered, “From my head.”


The drawings are framed and are either 9X12 or 11X14 and are one-of-a-kind originals. The one in this image is called Hungry for Cake.