Origami Bags


Enjoy using these capacious cloth bags fabricated in California from Indian textiles. Recycled Saris are hand-stitched together to provide a lightweight, yet durable fabric.

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IMG_1906A customer walked into the shop one day carrying one of these bags, and I stopped her in her tracks. “Where did you get that bag?” I demanded. She told me she had bought the bag from a store in southern California and told me its name. I got on the phone immediately and located the shop owner, who was also the maker of the bags. It turns out that he made them for a store in NYC which is my favorite store in the city, ABC Carpet and Home! He had only a few left, and I bought them all! They are funky and useful they measure about 24″ from top to bottom and about 19″ across. The cloth is made in India from recycled saris that are hand-stitched together with a running stitch. The shape is unusual, and the colors are different.