Jumbo Antique Mustache Cups


Antique mustache cups in like-new condition would make a great gift for your friend with a well-tended mustache. They are just over 3″ high and 3″ across with ceramic ‘stache protectors inside the lip.


IMG_0460 (1)We have two antique mustache cups in the store. They are Victorian and were made to keep the mustaches of Victorian gentlemen free from coffee residue. Inside the lid of each is a ceramic mustache guard with a small opening to allow the beverage to get through without staining the ‘stache. Both are in perfect, like-new condition. They are each over three inches high and the same size across the top. The one on the left has the words “Health and Happiness” in gold, and the one on the left is embellished with pink roses on a green background. By one for $30 or both for $50.