Heirloom Beveled Glass



vintage locally handmade glass

Add character and color to your home decor with these ooak window accents The large one pictured is $50, but smaller ones are $20


Locally Assembled Heirloom Beveled Glass Pieces

Locally handmade vintage beveled glass freshly assembled into heirloom hanging pieces to add color and character to your home. Each one is unique and depending on how many beveled squares you get, you will find multiple rainbows defracting on your walls. This vintage glass is locally handmade by Keith Beck who calls his studio Renaissance Glass because he brings new life to antique and vintage glass. His glass pieces include narrow rectangles about one inch by four inches and smaller squares of about four by four for $20 each. The piece pictured is the largest one he brought and it is about 6×6. Either way, you will find the sun defracted into multiple rainbows as the light floods into your cozy home.