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Hand-blown Goblets


We found these hefty hand-blown goblets as we poked around a cute town in Michigan called Williamston. It’s outside East Lansing where we were visiting Ron’s daughter who works for MSU. It was bitter cold and I didn’t want to leave the warmth of the glass blowing studio until I purchased all the goblets they had.



We travelled north to Michigan over the weekend to visit Ron’s daughter Deidre and her husband Bill who recently moved there and built a fabulous house. On a cold, snowy Sunday we stumbled into this studio where the fires were raging and it was blessedly warm. Two men were in the process of creating a glass platter, inserting and re-inserting the hot glass into the smelter. We watched as a wonderful wonky platter unfolded as the glass cooled. I ventured upstairs into the showroom after the owner warned me that it was very hot up there. It was beautifully hot, and I found these magnificent goblets just waiting to be purchased. Buy one goblet or buy all four.