Hand-blown Goblets
We found these hefty hand-blown goblets as we poked around a cute town in Michigan called Williamston. It's outside East Lansing where we were visiting Ron's daughter who works for MSU. It was bitter cold and I didn't want to leave the warmth of the glass blowing studio until I purchased all the goblets they had.
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New Mugs by Asheville Artist, Andrea Freeman
Andrea Freeman wins the prize for the most adorable mugs in Asheville and also the mugs most guaranteed to put you in a good mood!
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Vasanto Handmade Berets and Scarves
Get ready for cool weather with these custom made, unique berets and scarves!
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Locally Handmade Up-cycled Fingerless Gloves
Unique, one-of-a-kind fingerless gloves, locally handmade from discarded sweaters.
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Dandelion Goblet
Make a wish! Each of these eccentric goblets bears the image of dried dandelion seeds being blown from several dandelions. They are 4 1/2 inches high and perfect for wine, tea, or flowers
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Bark Baskets
Use these locally made bark baskets to hold small treasures, dried flowers, kitchen matches, or nothing at all!
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