Spring comes to Abby’s land

Abby’s house is still a work in progress, but already it has all the charm of a “Hand Made Home.” It is a place where the fingerprints of the designer are apparent, and it wears its uniqueness like a crown. Abby aided by Ron Davis and crew have transformed her little house into a charming cottage.

Scary puppet hands on the bookcase
Carved coat rack by the front door

Among other things she does, Abby is the director of Asheville Creative Arts, a children’s theater company whose emphasis is on Social Justice. She has a background in theater and puppetry, and she has designed and built many puppets. These creatures share her home either in their entirety or in parts. For example the framework of a puppet head hangs on the living room wall and a scary pair of life-size puppet hands sits on a bookshelf.

Open shelves in kitchen

Abby has kept in mind her needs as a theater maven as she has developed the property. The log cabin on the edge of the creek will make a great bunkhouse for out-of-town actors and a breezy dining hall for large groups. The barn is already being put to use as a henhouse for her chicks. More animals are planned for the coming months, and she recently explored a vast hayloft in the barn that could be used in many ways: housing for example. 

Living Room
Olive likes her new bed
The new windows let in lots of light

She is not finished setting up the house. She has plans to paint the outside, and she still has boxes of personal treasures to unpack. A kitchen island is in the works as well.

Once the health situation improves she looks forward to inviting everyone to come up and see her house in person.

Outside of house before new paint