Don’t Worry!

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  Sometimes when looking back, a person can see a single event as a metaphor for her entire life. Such an event occurred when we were at Rumbling Bald last week with the extended Davis family. I have a terrific … Continued

So confused!

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  As a self-described creative person, I require order and routine in my life in order to create, but as we all know, life is messy. Because I live in my head, people no-doubt think of me as disorganized, but … Continued

Carpe Diem

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  Every time I pass a wreck on the interstate I am reminded about how quickly and unexpectedly things change. You could be riding along on your way to have lunch with a friend at Rhubarb, or heading to work, … Continued

Now Playing…In your Mind’s Eye

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    A normal topic of conversation among my friends is centered around what we are reading lately. For example I am reading Scandinavian mysteries. I find them dark and eerie, even when they are set in midsummer when it … Continued