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We are on a crusade to help our customers break out of the ordinary. It’s not that we are opposed to beige, but there are other colors, and life is too short to limit yourself to a neutral palette.

Let your Freak Flag fly!

Don’t be afraid to trust your instincts and be yourself.

This means making your home an expression of your personality and wearing clothes and accessories that you won’t see at the mall.

You wouldn’t want to go to a party and see all the other guests dressed exactly like you, so don’t make your home a carbon copy of homes you have seen on HGTV.

We can help you discover things to make your home as unique as you are. We do not shop at gift shows where reps show buyers the same objects from China that every other shop will carry.

We hand pick every item in the store mostly from local artists and crafts’ people, so that when you shop at Chifferobe, you see items that are fresh, beautiful, and unusual.


You won’t find this anywhere else.

Our Customers 🙂 

A long time favorite! An eclectic array of exceptional rare finds. Always something new. From antiques, to modern folk art to vintage oddities. Will definitely keep coming back!

– Jason

Maybe the most original and unusual shops in Black Mountain. Always a delight to see what treasures Stephanie has for sale. Great place for special gifts.

– Susan

Love this place! The owner, Stephanie is awesome and fun to conversate with while browsing her eclectic collection of treasures!

– Sharon

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Lorraine Contemplates Revenge

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