I met Judith Davenport years ago either before Covid or right at the beginning, and I liked her right away. She dresses something like a Russian Nesting Doll and has big dimples and a generous spirit. Judith moved to this area because her son Charlie had already moved here to pursue a musical career, and Judith wanted to be near him and to create a compound where they could live near each other but not on top of each other. She moved here from Northern California before the fires and climate change precipitated a mass migration away from there. Her most recent California home was a converted church on Mount Shasta. It’s a good thing she was not there this past winter because snow covered the rooftop of her former home. 

The view of the small house from the container

Judith found some land in Weaverville that would be appropriate and set to work. She had seen images of prefabricated homes from Poland and fell in love with the idea. The homes are fabricated in sections and are snapped together on site. They are energy efficient and easy to put up. What she did not anticipate, though, was the problems she would face. First came the problems of getting provincial city officials to approve this unusual style of building. Then she  had a huge problem once Covid had seriously slowed shipping. And finally she, a single woman, faced the problem women often face when dealing with contractors who jerked her around. 

What would have taken six months to a year under normal circumstances, took her three years. She had to rent all that time and store her things, adding to the expense, plus changing contractors several times after individuals had cheated her. Finally she and Charlie are in their charming homes, and they invited Ron and me to come up to visit Sunday afternoon.

The mural Judith painted on the shipping container

The units Judith ordered from Poland so long ago never arrived, but someone was able to provide her with house and shed units from Poland that were already in this country, albeit not exactly what she had wanted. Back at the beginning of her journey, she had come into Chifferobe and bought quite a few pieces of furniture for her new home. Among these were several large wardrobes and shelving units because the house she ordered had no closets. I kept them in the shop for a while, but Ron eventually moved them to the barn at my house when no end was in sight and I needed the space.  When the house and shed were erected, though, she discovered that they were smaller than her original plans and she couldn’t use all she had ordered. These things I am selling for her a little at a time.

Charlie’s shed which has become a snug home

When we drove into the yard, we saw two charming structures beside each other with a carport between them. Charlie was grilling peaches, chicken, and bok choy for us in the carport. We were greeted by Charlie, Judith, and Olivia, Charle’s girlfriend, and we were directed towards the shed where Charlie lives. The interior of the shed was warm and cozy with everything in its place. 

Made for Judith by an artist friend

From there we went to a former refrigerated container up on the hill where Charlie has created a recording studio and Judith has a craft studio/come storage area. Judith painted a cheerful mural on the outside wall of the container and has planned lots of plantings around it.

repurposed old pieces contain Judith’s stuff

We then entered Judith’s cabin through her front porch, and immediately I spotted quite a few objects Judith had bought at Chifferobe. The interior walls are covered with wood and the vaulted ceiling goes way up, so the small house feels both welcoming and larger than it is. The best thing about the house , though, was the collection of interesting and unusual pieces that she has gathered over the years and found a place for in her home. My eyes wouldn’t rest as they hopped from one fascinating object after another. I  loved the way the house which is quite new felt timeless because of he worn furniture and colorful art throughout. Finally we sat down at the table and drug into a delicious feed even though we had not long before eaten a big brunch at Bush Farm House. Perfect day! Great job, Judith!

Another friend put together the chairs around a handmade table