Now Playing…In your Mind’s Eye

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A normal topic of conversation among my friends is centered around what we are reading lately. For example I am reading Scandinavian mysteries. I find them dark and eerie, even when they are set in midsummer when it is daylight all day and night. The one I just finished was Sun Storm by Asa Larrson. It is the first in a series with an unlikely female investigator. Rebecca Martinson is a tax attorney who finds herself in northern Sweden among old friends and enemies and gets swept into danger.

I used to tell students that a good reader sees mental images as she reads, almost as if she is creating a video of the book in her head.  Because I do this, I am lost in a book and hard to distract. Also, these mental images populate my dreams, often in a disturbing way.

Recently, though, I have noticed that conversations turn to Netflix series that friends have enjoyed. The other night a group of us gathered around the table and talk turned to Netflix. I realized that even though I have been given many recommendations, when Ron asks if I am happy watching a rerun of American Pickers (NO!!), I cannot remember the name of a single video I want to watch. So pickers it is. (What? Another rusty bicycle, motorcycle part, or automobile? Those guys are amazing…)

Rebecca suggested that I write about the videos that we suggested at dinner, so I got a pad and wrote the list that came up. I then asked Andrew, our 19 year old grandson for his list. Here they are:

Ron’s and my list: Justified (a series about a US Marshal from Harlan County who is sent back to Kentucky to investigate his old friends still living in Harlan. My favorite character is Boyd Crowder, the bad guy. Elmore Leonard is the writer and the dialogue is wonderful. What I also love about this series is that characters are neither all good nor all bad. Raylon Givens, the Marshal is always in trouble, and Boyd Crowder quotes the Bible and Shakespeare!

Other series we have enjoyed: Grantchester (with a dreamy minister who also investigates crimes.) Bosch (about a maverick police detective in LA), Marcella (a retired female detective in London whose husband leaves her, sending her back to the police where she gets involved in a crime that involves her husband.) And Doc Martin, my favorite, about a doctor in Cornwall who has developed a phobia about blood and who also has what appears to have Asbergers.

Cheryl Davis suggests Shameless. She warns that you should make sure any children are asleep before you watch, as it is raunchy.

Andrew’s list of videos watched with his dorm friends at NC State Engineering: Shameless (!!), Black Mirror (science fiction), Stranger Things (also science fiction), and the entire history of both The Office and Parks and Rec. from the beginning to the present.

Now the list from Jerry, Rebecca, Ellen, and Steve:  (I don’t know anything about these, but will keep a list beside the tv) Jane the Virgin, Fleabag, Hamish Macbeth, The IT Gang, Midsummer Murders, and Miss Fisher’s Murder.

I would love to hear back from you! What do you have to add to this discussion. What do you recommend to others? Do you agree or disagree with these lists? Please join the conversation and I will add to the list of recommendations next week.

Have a happy 4th of July! Someone said the other day that we should grab onto these days leading to the 4th, because after the 4th, summer flies away from us.