This is a perfect month for metaphysical exploration! The beginning of November is when the boundary between the everyday world and the spirit world is at its most translucent, so it’s a good time to explore the occult.

We kicked off the month with an evening of Tarot readings by Emma of Blue Intuition. It was such fun! We drank lots of wine and those who had readings were amazed at what Emma intuited. I heard some guests cheering about what she told them. Good news, I expect!

Seemi Rizvi will be our guest this Saturday 1-4 to do intuitive readings and henna tattoos

This weekend we will continue our dive beneath the surface with our guest Seemi Rizvi. Seemi moved here recently from Nashville and is one of the most positive people I have ever met. Like me, she runs away from radio or television news broadcasts. They really bring me down and make me fearful. Ron likes to watch the evening news but I put my fingers in my ears and sing poorly at the top of my voice. Seemi refuses to even discuss negative things. She believes in the Law of Attraction, saying that we should talk about positive things to attract them to us. Makes sense to me!

Did you know that Mother Goose was a witch!?

Seemi is an intuitive person who reads a person’s aura and creates a henna tattoo for that person that matches his or her aura. She will be set up at Chifferobe and will do these intuitive readings and henna tattoos at no cost to you!! 

I am also going to talk Sarah Clayton, my trusty assistant, into doing Tarot readings on Saturday afternoon. She is a little shy, but she has been reading Tarot for years. She will bring two decks (if she agrees), one for straight people and one specifically for gay people. Request the deck you prefer. 

So drop by Chifferobe Saturday afternoon from 1-4 to get yourself a free reading and or henna tattoo.

Olive is staying with us while Abby is out of town. She made herself comfortable on our bed, remaking it to her specifications!