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Some people are resistant to change. I, on the other hand, thrive on change. That’s one reason why I enjoyed being a high school English teacher. At Country Day, teachers were encouraged to keep things fresh and engaging for the students. Every year we created new electives for Seniors in their last semester of high school, knowing how hard it is to hold the attention of kids who already have one foot out the door and are dreaming about college.Teaching new books and material also gave the teachers a new lease on life. It’s easier to get kids excited about learning when you as teacher are excited about teaching something fresh. This is not to say every teacher enjoyed change. There was certainly a contingent of teachers holding on with both hands to the past and “How we have always done things here.” Certain teachers stuck with the “tried and true,” using yellowed notes to lecture from every year. 

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In later years when I taught in the Juvenile Justice system, the state didn’t care what we did with those poor kids in our classrooms. Those kids were so easily bored, that teachers had to be entertainers and have lots of ideas at our fingertips for when we saw students check out and close their eyes and put their heads down on the desks. Every day was a whole new experience for us teachers depending on what was going on behind the scenes. If it wasn’t engaging for the students, they would check out.

When I was in grad school, I interned in a preschool. There I learned how important routines are for young children. They feel comfortable when they know what’s expected of them and how the school day is going to go. Certain songs introduce the next event of the day. Miss Lulu does this in the library story time, singing a song inviting the children to climb into the story  ship. They know to settle down and get ready to listen.

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Now that I am in retail, novelty is the name of the game. I love ordering so much. It’s so much fun to get online and search through listings for just the right merchandise to bring to Chifferobe. I look for unique, handmade stuff whenever possible, and try to find things that won’t be available anywhere in this area except at Chifferobe. Shopping for the shop is better than just shopping for myself because I don’t have to ask myself that big question: “Do I really need that?”

Of course I do! Customers like to see new merchandise and come in to Chifferobe knowing that there will be something new to buy. And if there is nothing new in the shop on a particular day, I rearrange everything. Seeing products in a new place works like magic to get customers to notice things that we have had for a while. They pop out when they are in a new place. 

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I love cooking something new, and when I arrive home at night, I go immediately to the kitchen where I start immersing myself in ingredients to come up with something tasty to eat. It is for this reason, too, that I don’t eat leftovers. Food somehow tastes flat and loses its texture by the next day. I need something different every night! 

On the other hand, I require routines to keep me grounded. I have morning rituals and before bed rituals, and if I skip a step, it worries me to death. I drink two big mugs of black coffee for breakfast and have to have a piece or two of chocolate after dinner. We settle on the couch after dinner and watch something on tv, preferably Britbox. Recently we have been watching Shetland. We decided we can never go to this small British island.even though it’s beautiful It’s dangerous! Someone is getting murdered ton this small place every week. At ten o’clock we get into bed where we both read until late.

I know that for some people, the need for novelty is greater than the need for routine, but we all need to have a balance of the two to keep life enjoyable.

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