Nothing up my sleeve

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Through very scientific research, I have determined that not everyone wants to read the ongoing saga of 44 Cherry Street. Several close friends (and one daughter) admitted to me that they had not “had time” to read the most recent chapter. Not a big enough demand, I guess…, I still enjoy writing the story, though, so I will write chapters as often as I can and will post them on my website. If you are interested in reading the latest news from 44 Cherry Street, you can just click on the link to my website,  www. There will be a new chapter there today.

Meanwhile, I have been fascinated lately how much we are like magpies. Any shiny thing distracts us from what we should be watching. The current administrator-in-chief is performing like David Copperfield, distracting us with slight-of-hand as the real story plays out behind the curtain. How does he escape from the tank of water with his hands tied? How does he slice his female helper in half?

But he is more like any of the aging Hollywood stars who try to disguise their flaws with plastic surgery and layers of make-up. They just attract attention to what they are trying to hide. In fact, a fine, fine publication, Us Magazine, recently did a spread of photos of botched plastic surgeries on formerly beautiful celebrities.  Sweet Meg Ryan and Callista Flockheart have made themselves scary.

Similarly, the President is employing diversionary tactics to keep Americans’ attention away from the big issues. He acts like a terrifying, flag-waving clown popping out of the woods. He spends his time tweeting inanities designed to appeal to the lowest level of his support base. “Look over here at these vile NFL players daring to protest human rights abuses! They disrespect the flag!  SOBs!”

What he is saying is: “Do not think about the Mueller investigation into our crooked dealings with the Russians.  Do not look into my offensive behavior on the international stage. Forget about all the support I have not provided to the areas demolished by storms. Pay no attention to my reckless threats to the North Koreans or new travel bans. Pay no attention to limits I am placing on Freedom of Information. Just boycott the NFL.”  He is treading on shaky ground here.

But I am sure he is pleased with himself. Idiots listen to his rants and react. I heard one man on the tv news say that he had been a lifelong fan of an NFL team, but “No more!” He had put his team to the curb because they had “disrespected the flag.” Another local owner of several convenience stores went on tv to announce that he had removed all NFL-related items from the stores.

Disrespect as a verb…I am reminded that the first time I head the word “disrespect” used that way was when I taught in juvie. The boys with the most objectionable behavior would cry about being “disrespected” when they were called on their bad behavior. Let’s see, they were dishonest guys with no boundaries. Does that remind you of anyone?