Max is wearing a Peaky Blinders hat complete with (fake) razor blade. Found only at Chifferobe in different colors and sizes.

Even though I am listening to bright and breezy show tunes on Amazon, I was cast into a bad mood by some people who just breezed through here. To put it politely, they are not my customers. 

There is a type of person whom I know on sight are not going to like Chifferobe. Not only are they not going to buy anything, but they are going to send off negative vibes and purse their lips as they scuttle out the door, not even casting me a glance as I call out breezily, “Have a great day!”

Just arrived! Yak wool blankets: so warm, light, and soft!

The first thing these irritating people do is press their faces against the windows even though the door is propped open. They shade their eyes as if they are peering across a desert instead of into a small, well-lit  shop and leave their fingerprints, nasty lipstick, and bacon-smeared lips on the glass. If they decide to brave the interior of the shop, they enter fearfully. Some of them step inside the door cautiously, swivel their heads for a second and instantly scurry out. What scared them away? I will never know. Were they looking for something they couldn’t see in that fraction of a second? Don’t know. But they rush away as if attacked by a rabid dog.

Nesting dolls of the Claus family just 2 inches tall at the highest point.

Then there are the shoppers who wear plastic visors. Maga hats. Members Only jackets. Matching Windsuits, or reek of cigarettes. I know instantly that they are not going to like Chifferobe. This crowd and Chifferobe are not a match.

Softest leather zip pouches for glasses or whatever.

I actually do understand the people who come in and actually look around cheerfully until they go into the back room Cuss Words Section. This is the area where I put the rudest items. There are penis  and vagina cups, rude pens, and Sloane’s Simmons’ Qwerty Dirt pottery. A certain type of person with very buttoned-up attire and carefully coiffed hair comes out of the back room like a bats out of hell. They rush out of the shop, bumping into small children and knocking over displays in their hurry to escape this hell hole. If penises, vaginas, and naughty language offend you, you probably should avoid the back room. 

Come to think of it, the cards and coasters that many people find hilarious are undoubtedly offensive to some others. Here’s a warning for easily-offended people: Stay Away! You won’t like it at Chifferobe.

Sarah Shoot came to visit Chifferobe and brought a selection of her unique earrings.