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If you missed the Saturday event at Chifferobe, you are not out of luck. You have another chance to get a henna tattoo with a reading from the amazing Seemi Rizvi! She will be back for one more event Saturday, November 19, starting at 1:00. She was a huge hit when she was here last week, and I begged her to come again for all y’all who missed her the first time. 

I waited until the end to have my tattoo and reading, and was delighted with both. It has been almost a week and my tattoo is still clear and beautiful. In my reading I was reminded of something I was told years ago by a Charlotte clairvoyant: I am not from here. That’s right. I am from New York. But that’s not exactly what either one means. My energy and aura indicate that I am actually from another planet.

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Years ago when I still lived in Charlotte I went to Marian Starnes, minister of The Brigade of Light and a mystic, for a reading. I attended that church for a while and was moved by her sermons which often involved channeling. I went with my good friends Bryan Robinson and Jamie McCullers, and we all enjoyed the energy of the place. I asked for a reading because I was thinking about divorcing my then husband and wanted her advice.

In my reading she told me that I was from a planet that exploded and before it disappeared, all the spirits on that planet were sent to Earth to be healers. I asked if there were others from that planet living in Charlotte, and she told me that both Jamie and Bryan and another friend Randy Talley were also from there. As it happens, all are close friends of mine. I wasn’t sure how she knew that, as I didn’t think she even knew who I was or that I attended her church. But as it turned out, there was not much that she missed.

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When she asked if I had any specific questions, I asked if I should get a divorce. Without hesitation, she said, “You have already left him.” 

“No I haven’t,” I replied. “We are still married.”

“That may be true, but I saw the two of you at church one Sunday, and your auras are completely separate. Do yourselves a favor and end the marriage.”

Antique altar about three feet high.

I was amazed that she noticed not only that he and I were at church just that once and that we were married, but also that our auras were separate. We did divorce, and I believe we are both happier apart.

Since then, I sometimes find myself attracted immediately to certain people and I wonder if they too are from the same planet I am. And often I feel very different from those around me and feel awkward around them. They are probably native Earthlings. I guess it’s as good an explanation as any!

Another way you can find out what’s inside you is by coming by Chifferobe Saturday afternoon and getting a free Tarot reading from Sarah, who works here part-time. She will have a tip jar ready as well.

Come get a tarot reading this Saturday starting at 12. Tip jar for the reader.