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My pattern is GoGoGo and then collapse. From the moment I hop out of bed, I am in action. Before Ron even gets up, I have the coffee made, his tea started, his lunch made and packed, and some kind of breakfast in the works for him. I load up on coffee and proceed to exercise class or start errands before I head to work on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, or clean house and grocery shop on other days. That’s how I roll.

Yesterday Katherine Winship, my amazing Pilates coach, asked me what my “Home Practice” looked like. “Home Practice?” I wondered. When I arrive home in the evening, I pour myself a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, take a deep breath, and start dinner. I love to cook and I find food preparation relaxing and centering. I don’t dare sit down, because I’m afraid I might not have the energy to stand up again. I don’t like leftovers, so every night I fix a big meal. Thanks goodness for Ron, because I enjoy cooking for him, and we frequently have the family joining us for dinner. I don’t eat a whole lot, so it’s great to have people I love to cook for. By the time we have finished dinner, I allow the activity of the day to catch up with me, and I am simply too exhausted to get to the yoga mat and exercise. Ron does the clean-up. All I want to do is flop down on the couch and watch something mindless on tv.

New delivery of Freeman Clayworks!

Ron is a contractor and enjoys watching shows involving home construction. He runs an ongoing commentary on all the things these television builders are doing wrong. It annoys him when they promise clients that the entire home construction or renovation will be completed in just a few weeks. He understands that things like weather and waiting for inspections at various stages of construction make projects take longer than anyone wants. While these shows on HGTV are completed in no time at all, it gives his customers a false sense of how long a real job should take. On the other hand, he is shocked by the high prices these tv builders charge for simple things. “Are you kidding me?” he asks the tv, “$50,000 for a simple bathroom update?”

Starting to receive clothes for late summer and fall

I get irritated by these shows because the annoying host/builders build homes that all look alike. When one client asks for a kitchen that is not white, but colorful, the builder is stunned. The end project features white cabinets, white subway tile, but a neutral color cabinets under the island. So much for a colorful kitchen! These shows bore me. I wish for something original to inspire me, but they remove any charm from existing homes and turn them into clones, and the new homes are all identical. 

Luckily I have found a wonderful substitute for HGTV. We have been watching a British show called “Escape to the Country” on either Netflix or Britbox. Not sure which. This show has over twenty seasons and I hope to watch all of them. On the show, people who want to move to the British countryside apply for help and are assigned to one of the hosts of the series. The hosts find three potential homes for each client based on what they need and how much they want to spend. The third of the choices is dubbed “The Mystery House” and offers some kind of twist.

Ron and Max enjoying some time together

The best part of the show is the gorgeous British countryside. Every county of Great Britain they explore is breath-taking. Also, the homes they show the clients are charming and unique. I want every single one of them, and I get a vicarious thrill when the client buys one of the places they are shown. The homes are often historical and sometimes picture book thatched roof cottages they refer to as “chocolate box cottages.” There is nothing conventional or cookie cutter about these properties, and the clients are all lovely and interesting. One couple needed to find a place where their four Irish Wolfhounds would have more space. Often clients are dog owners, or rather owned by dogs, and insist on a place where the dogs will have a big garden and nearby walking paths. 

I love my house and have no thoughts about moving, but if I did, I’d be on the phone right now to Escape!