Funny Red ceramic face. Good for a garden.

This morning on Facebook I saw a funny post that rang true for me and Ron. It ostensibly showed the differences between men and women when hanging a painting. The man used a tape measure and a level and spent much time measuring before he carefully nailed a picture hanger in exactly the right place. He then used the level to make sure it was right. The woman, on the other hand, Eyeballed the wall, took off her shoe, slammed a nail into the wall, and stepped back to admire the placement of the picture. That’s so me and Ron! But also me and Ron is how we approach buying a car.

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You will be sad to learn that Ron’s signature truck has gasped its last breath and is headed to a truck graveyard. His truck is easily recognized all over town. His red Ford truck looks like a rainbow flag, with junk piled high and held down by colorful bungee cords and secured by bright tarps. Remember Sanford and Son? Well his truck is like the dad’s truck. Also, There is so much crap inside the truck that even a small dog can’t squeeze into the passenger seat. Its signature, though, is a boarded over rear window where a piece of lumber broke through years ago and was never repaired. When Abby learned that Ron needed to buy another truck, she asked whether the new truck would have a back window.

Jumbo Air Plants take little care and look impressive!

So now Ron is in the market for a truck. He needs it right away because the old one is dead and he is still working, carrying junk in my Mercedes! The way he approaches truck buying is by calling a friend and asking if he knows of any available. “Nope.” Also, he asks the guy at the repair shop if he knows any available cheap trucks.”Uh-uh.” He looks on line at small pick up trucks for sale and complains about how expensive they are. I remind him that he doesn’t have time for all this phumphing around! He contacts one seller whose Dodge Ram is below $6000 and leaves a message: Is this truck still available? End of story. 

Chair upholstered in South African fabric.

Here’s how I buy a car. I go to the dealership. I look around the lot for a car that looks cute. I ask if it is in my price range. If yes, I tell the salesman I’ll take it. If no, I go to another dealership. In one afternoon I find a car I like. The car is purchased and I drive away in it that day. When I bought the Scion that Abby drives, I liked the bright yellow color and told the salesman at the Toyota place I’d take it. Boom!

We now sell fresh bunches of flowers from Black Earth Farm.

The Mercedes purchase was slightly different. I was thinking about buying a used Toyota Tacoma so I could haul stuff.  I was on line at Gardener’s Cottage in Asheville buying Amaryllis bulbs and started chatting with the woman in front of me on line. She was from Charlotte and worked at the Mercedes dealership. I told her I was in the market for a new car, and she suggested I come to South Charlotte Mercedes. I told her I could never afford a Mercedes, but she told me I was wrong. That Saturday we drove to Charlotte and the salesman showed me a beautiful, brown SUV that was the same price as a used Toyota Tacoma. I burst into tears at the sight of the luxury vehicle and choked out the words, “I’ll take it.” Done.