A couple of weeks ago I wrote about getting a reading by a psychic, but several people pointed out that the paragraphs were jumbled. I wanted to tell more about the reading, so I will summarize what I wrote before for those of you who were confused. 

This is true…

When I lived in Charlotte some of my friends and I attended a  New Age church called The Brigade of Light. The church was on a dead end road hidden in the projects at the end of West Boulevard. The neighborhood was sketchy, but the congregants were not. They were pasty-looking, overweight white people who didn’t look at all “New Age” but resembled folks who might live in Mayberry with Andy. The minister was a round, fluffy woman in colorful muumuus and lots of rouge and eye shadow. She was a good speaker, though, and channeled entities from far away galaxies. Church was always entertaining and the hymns were rousing. I am shy about singing because I can’t hold a tune and people close to me beg me not to sing, but for some reason I felt comfortable belting out the hymns at The Brigade of Light.

Sculpture from France of someone with big feet.

I asked the pastor, Marian Starnes, to do a psychic reading for me because I was agonizing over getting a divorce. My friend Ada Lea and others also had readings from her and were moved by what she told them. Before we got to the part where I asked my questions, she went into a trance and asked the spirits to allow only those words which were for my higher good to come through. She told me that I often felt out of place in Charlotte not because I come from New York, but because I come from Antares, a planet that blew up. I, along with some of my friends, had been sent to Earth as healers. She didn’t hesitate when I asked if I should get a divorce, but told me confidently to go ahead and leave my marriage because my husband’s aura and mine were already separate. How did she know when she didn’t know either of us?She had noticed that when he came to church with me once, and even though we did not introduce ourselves, she knew who he was, and saw our shamefully separate auras. I took her advice.

Just received some wonderful air plants

The reading was full of interesting information. She went over my past lives with me. In each, I was someone important. I was an Egyptian queen, and a variety of other royals. My favorite was that I was part of the Essene community when Jesus was alive. This group was an esoteric Jewish sect that practiced ritual purity and believed in predestination and talked about the coming Messiah. It is thought that John the Baptist was part of this community. Marian also told me that I wrote parts of the New Testament. Good to know.

I wonder if anyone getting a reading is ever told that they were a slave or a washer woman. Everyone, it seems, was once the Queen of Sheba or a royal of some kind.

I also got in some cork to use for an air plant display

She also told me that some of the people who were my closest friends had been with me in many past lives before, and that they would be with me in future lives. They moved around in different roles, so one who was a close friend in this life had been my brother in another life and might be my spouse in the future. It makes me look at friends differently. Those I feel closest to quickly and just click with me are potentially people I have known for many lifetimes.