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A few years ago a friend invited me to go with her to a meeting about how to Manifest. You want a new love? More money? A better job? Just Manifest them! I had a very stressful job back then, and a crazy boyfriend, so I went and took notes at the presentation so I could manifest a new life.

That was around the time that a movie called “What the Bleep Do We Know?” was very popular. That movie explored the idea of Manifesting, and explained that it was a scientific reality. If one studies Physics, one learns that subatomic particles behave in ways we don’t fully understand. All matter is composed of these particles and as we learn more about them, we question what we think of as real. Inside these infinitesimal particles we find mostly empty space. Our bodies are mostly empty space, as is everything around us. What we consider reality that is set in stone is really an illusion. Reality is an illusion. And these small particles are influenced by every possible force, including our own will. If your life sucks, the movie explained, you just aren’t manifesting the right stuff.

Linens from Provence for your holiday table

All this was good news for me. I believed that I could change my life by just willing it to change. After all, the friend who took me to the lecture had manifested a better job with better pay. I closed my eyes and tried to manifest a better job and a more normal boyfriend, but when I opened my eyes again, I was still stuck in the same place. Years later, of course I have the best job here at Chifferobe and am married to the greatest guy in the over-seventy-world. So, maybe Manifesting isn’t about instant results. Maybe it takes years for the universe to give you what you manifest. There is no time line. Apparently.

Ultra warm mittens from Nepal

On the flip side, the woman who gave the lecture has suffered really poor health and is miserable. And what about people who lose loved ones or whose children develop Cancer. Did they just not manifest hard enough? Or did they unconsciously manifest misery? I am left with the idea that manifesting needs further investigation at the very least. 

Beautiful ornaments from Mexico. Buy one for $10 and the money will be donated to the Swannanoa Valley Christian Ministry

This morning, though, I manifested a Christmas Tree. I participate in the Deck The Trees event. Locals decorate  trees according with a theme (this year it is Let Heaven and Nature Sing). Visitors vote with dollars for the trees they like the best, and the proceeds go to the Swannanoa Valley Christian Ministry. Many of the trees are located in the lobby of the Monte Vista Hotel, but my tree will be in the shop. I don’t have room for a full-sized tree, so had been looking everywhere for a small tree. As I pulled into the Ingles parking lost I was thinking about pulling the fake tree I inherited from Suzy Miles down from a high shelf and imagined it falling on me. Just then I spotted the perfect little tree against the building. Yay! Manifested it!!

This is my Charlie Brown tree that I manifested!