The new floor and subtle wallpaper look great. I love how the accessories add color

It’s exciting as a parent when you see your children besting you. All three of my kids far surpass me in many ways, and I am often amazed that they are even related to me. Seth, among many other things, Is a phenomenal natural athlete, excelling in any sport he tries. Natty is not only an amazing chef, but can handle the crunch of keeping many balls in the air when he has worked at busy, fast-paced restaurants. And Abby. Not only is she the hardest working person I know, working outside her comfort zone with numbers and details, but she has a fantastic design sense. She has turned her little house into an inviting, cozy home that looks as if it were featured in a home design magazine. 

The pottery and kitchen essentials look cute on the open shelves and the clean wood countertop

And the house is not finished yet. They are waiting for the windows to come in. Because the walls will change shape as some of the new windows are bigger than the existing ones, Abby has not yet hung any of the art pieces she has collected, but even so, I am so thrilled with what she has done so far. 

Clean new plywood floors with vintage painted chest of drawers

On the surface, we have very different styles. I wear lots of color and enjoy dressing in my constantly growing collection of off-beat outfits. Abby is not a clothes horse. (Understatement!) The few items of clothing she wears are black and torn. I asked her if I could get her some new tee-shirts the other day as I looked at the holes in the one she was wearing, and she said, “No. I want to wait until Olive stops biting my clothes.”

Olive approves of the Kantha bedspread and antique pillows

When it comes to home decor, though, we love the same things, and I want to steal things from her house! We both love chippy furniture, rusty metal, and quirky accessories. Her style is unique. I love the way she blends rustic pieces with modern light fixtures and furniture. The interior of her house expresses her individual style and taste and is definitely a unique, handmade home. 

Come to Chifferobe and see the beautiful watercolor paintings by Joyce Black-Woerz