I’m Seeing Red

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October is here and we are ready for all the leaf-lookers.  Reports are that this year will be a good year for color, and already I am seeing reds. Dogwoods are a deep red with lots and lots of bright red berries (one of those signs that this will be a cold winter, I think.) In my yard are a few red trees. On the high mountains that surround Black Mountain, the green trees are interspersed with touches of crimson. And the lollipop-shaped sugar maples in front of the Sun-Trust Bank are already beginning to show off their reds, oranges, and golds.

In celebration of October, Chifferobe and Dobra Tea are joining forces for an “Afternoon of Craft and Tea.” On the afternoon of October 18 from 12-5, local artists and crafts-people will set out their wares on the green in front of Dobra on Broadway (Route 9) in the center of Black Mt. Most of these people are not normally involved in selling their work, or are showing new work that they haven’t exhibited so far, so you will be seeing brand new stuff. The women from Carolina Foam and Fabric are all accomplished quilters and sewers, and they will be there. Great knitters and other fiber artists will be there. Adena and Tawnya from Part of Our Tribe will show their work. And I will show off some crazy dresses that I have been making on my brand new sewing machine. Drop by and peruse the crafts, and treat yourself to a special cup of tea from the many offerings at Dobra.

Don’t forget as well that we will be having a big party/art opening that night from 4-7 for Kathleen Kelley. She’s that artist who was afflicted with mega-poison ivy and had to postpone her opening. She is ready to go and has great animal paintings to show. She will also paint a portrait of your pet in time for Christmas.

See you on Saturday, October 18!