I need tech therapy!

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Ask me when I feel old. Go ahead…ask!  All right. It’s when I have to learn to operate a new high-tech device. I don’t think most people even use the term “high tech” anymore, but to me I have to reach really high up to manage to feel comfortable managing a new device.  I have an I-Phone, but use it only to phone, text, and take pictures. I know it does all kinds of other magical things, but I’m too timid to try. It harkens back to when we first were made to use computers at Country Day. I’m sure using a laptop was more complicated then than it is now, and once I had successfully powered the thing on and moved the mouse around the screen, I was sure that my next key stroke, whatever it was, would erase everything from the computer. I still have that nagging sense that one wrong move and the whole device will either be erased or will explode.

So this morning I spent hours on the phone with a very sweet, patient young woman in Tech Support as I sought to install my new cash register system. I was doing a happy dance when it seemed as if I had gotten the whole thing up and running. Ron dropped by and high-fived me for my savvy.

My euphoria lasted only as far as my attempt at ringing up my first sale of the day. Nope. The receipts did not print and the cash drawer refused to open. I called my friend at tech support, and she put me through my paces again, checking the system. Low and behold, several parts need to be replaced.

I feel guilty, though. Was it something I did that caused a brand new system to malfunction? I might just close the store for the day in case the whole thing blows up.