Good-Bye to my Mini, Hello to the Beast!

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The New Ride!
The New Ride!


Can you believe how fast this summer has flown by? Is it just me? Is it because I am so ancient? Time is just flying by. But as a plaque at my friend Elizabeth Jones’s house reads: “Time flies whether you are having fun or not!”

I was down in Charlotte yesterday fluffing my booth at the Sleepy Poet Antique Mall, and almost passed out when I climbed down from my giant car. We have been whining about the heat this week in Black Mt., but we don’t know heat. I’m from Charlotte, I know heat, and believe me, what we have here is not heat. Luckily, no one in Black Mt. complains about traffic congestion. If they did, I’d have to slap them. Talk about traffic! I drove up South Blvd. to my old neighborhood, Dilworth, and crept along, struggling to keep this new vehicle in one lane. 

What changes! South Blvd. used to be a down-at-the-heels, borderline ethnic hodge-podge, with seedy Mexican places shoulder to shoulder with questionable Thai restaurants with low health department scores. I was in a whole new world, though. With the arrival of the trolley, many of the junk places have been eliminated, and upscale apartment complexes have sprung up at trolley stops. The old strip malls have been taken over by more up-scale businesses catering to the folks moving to the corridor. There is even a nice, shiny Lowe’s convenient to where I used to live. That would have been handy!

I was so happy to get back to Black Mt in the early evening: low heat and low humidity! Ahhhh! A glass of Vinho Verde, the new Southern Living, and my feet up on a hassock on the porch, and I was a happy camper.

Up and coming at the shop is an art show of work by Kathleen Kelley. I have known Kathleen and her whole family for years. She and some of her siblings were my students at Charlotte Country Day School. She has been an artist and an animal lover since way back when. Now she has moved here and has combined her loves. She paints animals, and specializes in pet portraits. Her opening will be sometime in mid-September. I’ll keep you posted! Think Christmas gift. These portraits take some time to complete!