Puppets created for the show help tell the story

No time today for a normal (abnormal) newsletter today, but I want to update you all on the upcoming opening of Humans at Diana Wortham in Asheville. Here’s the link to get your tickets https://ashevillecreativearts.org/mainstage-productions/. My daughter Abby is producing the show with her nonprofit, Asheville Creative Arts. Tickets are FREE!!!!

The actors, the writer, the stage manager, and the set designer are all here from New York City and staying up at Abby and Rebecca’s houses. I have so enjoyed getting to know these talented young people and will miss them and their vibrant, creative energy when they leave. 

Special shout-out to my friend Marilyn Sobanski for collecting bags of plastic recycling for the set!! The show is set under the sea in an imaginary time after humans have become extinct largely because of pollution and greed. We needed hundreds of recycled plastic and Marilyn came through! 

We will be at Opening Night and several times after that! Do yourself a favor and make time to see the show. It is appropriate for children of all ages and thought-provoking for adults. We will take baby Max to see the show. There is enough visual stimulation in the show to keep even a baby interested.