Grrrr! It’s Max!

An old friend and former Black Mountain resident came by Chifferobe yesterday. I was delighted to see him and we settled in for a chat. He was not wearing a mask, and I instructed him to mask up, which he did grudgingly. “Well, I suppose you are vaccinated at least,” I said, trying to figure out what he was thinking.

“Not vaccinated, and not planning to!” he declared adamantly.

I was shocked, as he is a progressive and thoughtful person. He works in a big factory where he is exposed to countless people each day, and yet he is anti-vax. And he is apparently averse to masks as well. I was curious about what was behind his attitudes.

He was reluctant to discuss them, and just hemmed and hawed until I pressed him to give me his reasons.

“It’s a fake.”

Blown Glass Hearts

“What part of it is a fake?” I demanded. “Many people are dying every day! They know this isn’t a fake!”

He went on, “This thing came out of no where and suddenly there was a vaccine. It’s a government conspiracy. But the main thing, is that The Simpsons predicted this virus and the vaccine years ago. The shots control our minds.”

“The Simpsons??? You mean like Homer Simpson? Control our minds?”

“Yes. Check it out.”

I was appalled that anyone would base his health decisions on a cartoon show on television, but I did check it out this morning. 

New Shipment of Beldi glasses from Morocco

I learned that the writers of the Simpsons have anticipated major events years before they occurred. The Corona Virus was indeed predicted in 1993 when a virus from Japan invades Springfield and a vaccine is quickly created which then controls the minds of those who get the shots. 

But that’s not all they predicted! In 2007 the writers predicted Trump! The Springfield Republican Party can’t find a candidate, so they decide to choose a “Joke candidate.” They choose Ralph, the nerdy kid who picks his nose, and sure enough, people fall in love with him, call him the master of the sound bite, and echo his crazy pronouncements. It is Ralph who coins the phrase “Make America Great Again,” years before Trump used these words as his slogan. 

New shipment of candles from Malicious Women

They also predicted:  Killer Bees (1993), Lisa Simpson as President wearing the identical outfit as Kamala Harris, elected officials declaring a stay-at-home order, and then fleeing to Mexico, the video game Farmville, the demise of JC Penney, and the Apple car in 2017.

I can honestly declare now that nothing surprises me any more. But I will start watching the Simpsons again so I don’t miss out on any more predictions.

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