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I was all set to write about the beach vacation we just had with two of our kids and their families and how great it was, but then Sheri James Shaw came into Chifferobe and told me her story, the feel-good story of all time! Sheri is a beautiful, tall woman with curly gray hair that cascades down her back and vivid grey eyes. Her husband became the delegated dog watcher outside on the bench while she came in to look around. Sheri and her new husband are visiting from the New Bern area on their honeymoon. They appear to be close to my age and came to mBlack Mountain with their beautiful big Borzoi dog. I told her that Ron and I have been married only a few years too, and she said that she would have been married for somewhat longer, but a health emergency got in the way. She was diagnosed at Duke with Stage 3 cancer, and she didn’t want to get married while she had cancer, so they waited. Their marriage plans were put on indefinite hold.

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The doctors at Duke diagnosed the cancer, but after a short time claimed that the cancer was not getting worse so she should go home and come back the following year. No emergency there at all, but Sheri had different ideas about that. She wasn’t happy with their relaxed, attitude so she decided to take matters into her own hands. She made an appointment at MD Anderson in Houston and she and her fiancé flew down there. MD Anderson had a different protocol, and treated her cancer aggressively. They asked her if she would be willing to double up on treatments to stop the cancer for good. She agreed and endured the heavy duty Chemo and Radiation, and now she is cancer free. She has just been married and is so elated to be alive.

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She and her husband held their wedding for twenty for the closest friends and family in New Bern, and said there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Even I cried when she told me that her two doctors, Dr. Emma Holiday and Dr. Van Morris, flew in from Houston for the wedding and walked her down the aisle to give her away! Sheri attracted the attention of the media with her story, and news spread far and wide. She has since learned that her story has been enjoyed by over 2 Billion viewers. She has been invited to speak at MD Anderson and all over the country to tell her amazing recovery story.

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Her advice to other patients is to be your own advocate. Don’t allow yourself to be bullied by doctors, but take command of your own treatment. The other day she received an ironic notification from Duke that she should come in for her follow up appointment. Sherri figures she’d probably be dead if she followed the advice of those doctors.