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Covid has come and gone, but only for some! My friend Julie recently went to California to visit her family after a long, cautious time, but the jerk beside her on the airplane was coughing and wheezing and obviously sick. She had just a day with her sisters before she became sick, and a test told her it was Covid. She moved to a hotel and hunkered down there to prevent passing it on and isolated for days. There is nothing worse than being sick while away from home except finding out that your trip insurance doesn’t cover a new ticket for the delayed return. To make matters worse, as soon as she began feeling better at home, she had a relapse and is sick again.

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People are still getting Covid, even though we behave as if there is no more danger. The truth is that even a light case can leave you with awful problems. We don’t know yet all the longterm effects that Covid can have. I’ve heard about people with tremendous fatigue, sensitivities, allergies, and odd changes. Someone told me about her friend who couldn’t eat post-Covid, because everything tasted terrible. Certain things like garlic and onions were the worst, but all she could manage to eat was macaroni and cheese. 

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Ron had Covid a year and a half ago, and his case was mild,  similar to a cold. The only reason we even suspected Covid was that Abby was having a New Year’s Day party and she asked us to test before we came. We were shocked that he was positive. He was eager to get back to work, but isolated the required number of days believing the worst was past. Sadly, he has never recovered his senses of taste and smell in all this time. He has lost too much weight because eating isn’t much. I am trying to fatten him up, but it isn’t working very well.

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Ron is a picky eater, and I blame his strange likes and dislikes on his midwestern upbringing. People in Indiana don’t like eating vegetables even though they grow them. One Thanksgiving in Indiana everything on the table was brown or white: turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, white bread rolls. Even the table cloth was white. I would have killed for a string bean or even that traditional casserole with Cream of Mushroom soup and canned onion rings. These are the vegetables Ron will eat: potatoes, corn, tomatoes, peas (only canned.) He will occasionally eat lettuce. He sees nothing wrong with this diet.

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So, a year and a half after having Covid, I am trying to sneak vegetables into his food. He can’t taste anything anyway, so why not? I am not very observant so I was sure it would work. Ron is extremely observant however. If we are driving on I-40 he will yell out, “Did you see that?” I assume he saw something large and shocking. “Was it a bear?” I ask. “No. It was a bungee cord in the grass beside the road.” 

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It’s really sad. I love to cook, and I keep trying to make something so delicious that he can enjoy it even if he can’t taste it. When something tastes really good, I sometimes forget and say, “Isn’t this good?” And he always answers, “I wouldn’t know.” He has tried everything: acupuncture, smelling essential oils, praying, but nothing has worked. A friend told me her lost sense of taste came back post-Covid when she drank some rancid Kefir. Maybe that’s it. I need to jump start his taste buds. Let me know if you have any other ideas or a bottle of rancid kefir..