I’ve said this before, but I am still waiting for my life to get simpler. I am on the go from early morning until I fall into bed at Quaker midnight (10PM). I love to rearrange things, so I am in motion every minute in Chifferobe. If I get something new, it necessitates moving everything in the shop to showcase the new item. Luckily I have Sassafras right across the street where they serve my favorite coffee (Dynamite) and I can refuel several times a day. When I get home, I pour a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and set to work cooking dinner. I avoid sitting down, because I’m afraid I might not get up. 

I love to cook and I invite people to come for dinner more than I should. Ron lost both his sense of smell and taste about two years ago and I experiment with dishes often, but because he can’t taste anything, I feel better if I have guests to let me know what they think. It’s no fun if it’s just me. But because I save up food ideas for guests, I go overboard. Ron said the other night when we were expecting company and I was a whirlwind in the kitchen, “You know you don’t have to kill yourself!” I ignored him and went just a little crazy cooking up a big meal. 

Vacation coming up, though. Next week we will be on Isle of Palms next week with the family, a vacation I have been looking so forward to! We are celebrating a variety of family milestones: Seth turned 50, Natty has a birthday, and Cole just graduated from high school. Sadly, Abby won’t be joining us, as she is producing a play for the month of June at UNC-A. I plan to do some cooking for these loved ones, but my children are all amazing cooks, so I will ask them to pitch in. I am bringing a case of wine, some hard-to-find herbs, olive oil and other treats so we should all eat like kings all week. My goal is to try to relax. I am so bad at that.

In the meantime, I have been getting ready for a party I am throwing at Chifferobe tonight (Friday night) for Black Mountain Center for the Arts. The center holds a big fundraiser every spring called Art in Bloom. It’s coming up soon, so make plans to come for that. Local gardeners open up their gardens for visitors and pay admission that supports the art center, and I have invited all the gardeners to a get-together here at the shop so they can get to know each other and compare notes. This is the first time the center has done this and I am going all out. (Of course.) I have been cooking all week and baking homemade crackers. It should be a good time. I hope the gardeners and the members of the Board come hungry!