Daffodils getting ready to bloom

Change is in the air! The weather is a bit more Spring-like with days of warm temperatures sprinkled into the gray procession of cold wintery ones. Looking up at the mountainsides, I can spy a hint of pink as the branches get ready to bud out. In the side yard beside Chifferobe daffodils are poking up and the bids look ready to burst into bloom.

New windows going in at Abby’s house

The health situation is looking up as people are finding ways to get vaccinated, albeit not in Buncombe County, which is in turmoil. I was number 34,000 on the waiting list here so gave up waiting and drove to Salisbury to get vaccinated. My friend Betsy Davis drove to Yancey County, and many other friends made the trek to Marion and Hendersonville. Regardless, Covid new cases are going down and we feel a glimmer of hope. 

It’s almost sneaker weather!

Abby’s house is rushing towards completion. This week the new windows arrived and Ron and crew have been scurrying to get them installed. I have seen only the new kitchen window, and I am amazed at what a difference the new window has made. Abby said, “I didn’t realize what a spectacular mountain view I had!”

Long flowy cotton dress from Santa Fe

It’s true, the new window is only a little bit larger than the old one, but it is not encumbered by mullions and dirt! The light pours in and adds a crisp, clean air to the kitchen. Once all the new windows are in, Abby can unpack her art, her books, and her prize possessions and make the space her own. 

Lots of choices of colorful separates too

Another change is the hours that CHIFFEROBE WILL BE OPEN!!! Ron and I are making our annual trip to Mexico, leaving on Sunday. We will return on March 9. The weekend while we are away, the shop will be open, staffed by Lee and Jessica. The shop will be closed every weekday until March 10. I’m going to have to figure out how to post that on our Google page. 

New shipment of clothes from Saga

We stay at El Dorado Royale, a resort between Cancun and Tulum where we lounge around on chaise lounges in the sun, slathered in sun block. We went to Mr. K’s and bought stacks of paperbacks to bring with us, and we look forward to interrupting our relaxing only with eating and drinking. 

Linen overalls with a dropped crotch. So cute and comfy for warm weather